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New Earrings in stock: Magnificent Frigatebird, Peregrine Falcon, New Bald Eagle design, Green Herons, Saw Whet Owls

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Wildlife Fundamentals 2015 Programs for Children Ages 5 – 99

Baby Great Horned Owl

Baby Great Horned Owl

 WILDLIFE EARRINGS  In stock ready for delivery!Burrowing_owls_1

We offer wildlife products and programs and a full line of promotional products.

Baby Sanhill Circle B 5

 If you love wildlife and art, and just want to shop, Welcome!  Workshops 

We currently have workshops for children of all ages. You can progress through our entire series and learn all about the wildlife found throughout the state of Florida incluing our coastal waters.

 Children’s Storys About Wildlife

New story in the works! Here’s a hint . . .

This is the home site for Tilly’s Big Adventure, A Tale of Two Eagles, Ollie the Alligator, The Eagle’s Forest and more.   We cater to kids of all ages!  We advocate being Citizen Scientists and teach people how to become one.  Contact us today for an overview of programs.

Tilly's Big Adventure

Tilly’s Big Adventure

Paige Eagle Ambassador

Paige Eagle Ambassador

Tale of Two Eagles by Nancy Murrah

Tale of Two Eagles by Nancy Murrah

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Magnificent Frigatebirds

Magnificent Frigatebird

Magnificent Frigatebird

Frigatebirds are usually Pelagic, which means they live off shore.  This one is paticularly interesting because of it’s totally white head.  Being a bird of prey nut, I don’t know that much about this paticular species.  The females have a white throat and chest and the males are all black with a red throat pouch.   perhaps this is a first year juvenile.

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